Brewery and North Range open to the public

Saturday 6 October and Sunday 7 October 2012

Visit parts of the Mansion that other visitors don't reach

Brewery 1The popularity of ale grew as the consequence of the poor quality of drinking water. The brewing process not only destroyed bacteria in the water, but the small alcoholic content helped to prevent other harmful bacteria establishing themselves in the brewed ale.

Woodchester Mansion is not unique having a brewery but the construction of the brewery itself is unusual. It is located on the first and second floors of the servants' wing of the house but was never completed.

Because the Greater Horseshoe and Lesser Horseshoe bats leave the Mansion through the brewery it is only possible to allow visitors into the brewery on infrequent occasions.

Come along and see the architectural excellence of the brewery and learn about the brewing process.

Tours to the brewery will take place at various times during the day and guides will be on hand to explain the brewing process. Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit parts of the North Range that are not normally open to the public.

You can read about the brewing process in a booklet The Brewery at Woodchester Mansion written by Brian Wollaston. The booklet is available in the Mansion shop, price 60p.

Normal Mansion admission prices apply.

brewery 2 brewery 3 brewery 4North Range 1staircase in North Range