Education Opportunities at Woodchester Mansion

bugs and beetlesWoodchester Mansion provides a wide range of opportunities for students of all ages, from activities for Key Stages 1 and 2 to older “students” from the University of the Third Age. We work closely with our National Trust colleagues, the Mansion being situated in the centre of Woodchester Park which is owned and managed by the NT. Educational visits can be organised to reflect the particular needs and interests of participants and we work closely with teachers and tutors to ensure a focused, meaningful and interesting package, dependant on the particular requirements of the group.

Key Stages 1 and 2

We have welcomed Primary Schools to the Mansion, often as part of their activities or enrichment weeks, for a range of activities. These include looking at aspects of local History, some basic details of building and Gothic architecture, combined with storytelling, drawing, drama and art. Our colonies of Lesser and Greater Horseshoe bats are of special scientific interest and children are always fascinated by details of their life cycle and habits. The children are also able to explore the surrounding Park.

Key Stages 3 and 4

Older children also enjoy many of the activities detailed above; in addition, the Gothic architecture provides a suitably “spooky” atmosphere for exploring Gothic writing. Creative writing tasks, run by their teachers, have been particularly successful. Students following GCSE Art and Photography courses have found a wealth of opportunities for coursework.

Sixth Form, Further and Higher Education

Students have found inspiration for many Art, Photography and Film courses as well as those studying Construction and Design. In particular, Architecture students from a number of Universities visit regularly. Stone Masonry Apprentices work on site as part of their course.


Please call 01453 861541 or e-mail for further details of educational opportunities.

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