Bat Walks in 2015

GH batsWoodchester Mansion has summer visitors in the form bats. Greater and Lesser Horseshoe bats come to the Mansion every year to have their babies and then leave for hibernation elsewhere in the county during the winter.

The bats begin to arrive during April, have their babies around the beginning of July and have all gone by the end of September.

You have the opportunity to learn about these fascinating creatures on the Bat Walks that we are running during the summer.

GH batsThe evenings take the form of a walk through Woodchester Park in the company of a member of Gloucestershire Bat Group, and then a talk about  the bats while in the Bat Observatory, where you can watch the bats in their roosts on our closed-circuit TV. The final part of the evening is to watch the bats leaving the building to forage at dusk. We will provide bat detectors which enable you to identify different species of bat.

There will be plenty of time to ask your questions about the bats, and previous visitors have found the Walks fascinating and informative.

Bat walks will be held on:

  • 19 June at 8.15 pm
  • 17 July at 8.00 pm
  • 21 August at 7.00 pm
  • 11 September at 6.15 pm

Please note: the time given is the time to meet in the NT car park. The start time varies as the bats forage at dusk and this varies throughout the year.

Please wear warm clothing and stout shoes – and remember to bring a torch, as you will be walking up the drive in the dark. The Mansion is about two-thirds of a mile from the National Trust car park.

There will be a charge of £6.50 per person (including children) as numbers are strictly limited. It is essential that you book for these events. For more details, and to book please e-mail Ray Canham at bats@woodchestermansion.org.uk.

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