Bat Walks in 2017

Our bat walks will take place in the evenings and are timed to allow visitors to see the bats leave their roosts when the forage at dusk.

GH bat screenYou will see our Greater and Lesser Horseshoe bats in their roosts on our CCTV screens, and learn about the bats with the help of a member of the Gloucester Bat Group. Then, as the bats prepare to leave their roosts, we will take bat detectors and go into the grounds of the Mansion to see them leave the building.

Please park in the National Trust car park (fee applies to non NT-members) and meet with a member of Gloucestershire Bat Group by the steps from the car park at the time shown against the date below. You will then walk down a woodland track through the beautiful Woodchester Park to the Mansion - about two thirds of a mile and 250ft of descent. Please wear warm clothes and stout shoes, and don’t forget to bring a torch as you will be walking up the drive in the dark. We do not provide buses on our bat walk evenings.

Bat walks are planned for :

  • 26 May - meet at 8.00pm
  • 16 June - meet at 8.15pm
  • 14 July - meet at 8.00pm
  • 11 August - meet at 7.15pm SOLD OUT
  • 8 September.- meet at 6.15pm

There will be a charge of £7.00 per person, including for children.

If you would like more information, please e-mail bats@woodchestermansion.org.uk or call the office on 01453 861541.

Important note: booking in advance is essential. We limit the number on any bat walk to 15 people. Pease do not turn up without booking - we may not be able to accommodate you. Also, if we have not received any bookings by the Wednesday before the announced date, the event will not take place.

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