Changes in the Chapel

We are doing work in the Chapel to make it more accessible. We have been able to do this because of a generous donation from the David Thomas Charitable Trust. This has enabled us, already, to remove the central tower of scaffolding, leaving just two towers supporting concrete blocks which are part of temporary work done by Stroud District Council and English Heritage in the early 1990s to stabilize the Chapel. The remaining scaffolding will remain in place until the full restoration of the Chapel.

The immediate effect is that visitors can see, properly for the first time, the lovely tierceron vault. This work was done early in November 2017 and will be seen by members of the public for the first time on New Year’s Day. We plan to remove the timber protection from the east window and to replace it with Perspex to allow more natural light and to reveal the east window that, again, has not been seen for many years. As and when funds permit, we would like to remove the timber from the north and south windows, also.

As will be seen from the pictures here, there is significantly more space in the Chapel which may, potentially, be of interest to filming companies.

We express our grateful thanks to the Trustees of the David Thomas Charitable Trust for their generous donation.

The pictures show views of the chapel that have not been seen since the scaffolding was erected by SDC and English Heritage in the early 1990s:

Below: The tierceron vault; Bottom: the Rose Window, (left) and the East Window.

Tierceron vaulted ceiling










Rose windowEast window

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