National Trust Car Park

 Posted on behalf of the National Trust

Woodchester Park Car Park Project 2015/16

We have been told by the National Trust that the car park at Woodchester Park will be closed from Monday 22 February to Thursday 25 February 2016.

This is to enable the contractors to re-surface the remainder of the track to the car park so that it is all 1 surface.


This winter the National Trust is going to be embarking on a car park project at Woodchester Park.  The first stage of work will involve installing drainage channels in the main car park which will run to the drainage system at the bottom of the car park. This will reduce the amount of water damage on the main surface. The second phase is to remove the current drainage channels on the track going down to the car park and install new drainage channels. This will improve the track surface as the new channels will be removing the water away 

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