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22 July: BATS DAY

WW Bats day - 1WW Bats day - 2Lots of interesting information about bats today from Gemma Waters, a member of the Gloucestershire Bats Group Fascinating to look closely at the specimens she brought (sadly very dead) to see how different species vary in shape and size..We then went on a hunt round the mansion to look for any stray bats or evidence that they had been around. No bats but lots of moth wings on the floor of the Dining Room - they know where to take their dinner!

WW Bat Day - 3WW Bat Day 4We then got creative in making our own bats to take home with lots of different materials, some interesting characters emerged. Lastly we made some colourful pompom bats which are now hanging on a tree at the front of the Mansion.


29 July: SHEEP DAY

sheep daysheep dayA smaller group today but we all had fun, learnt about sheep and made some brilliant felt pictures with sheep wool. It was lovely to walk down in the sunshine to have a good look at Ann's sheep and nice to find some convenient logs to sit on while we sketched. What did we find out? That sheep poo looks like a pine cone and ewes have horns as well as rams!

A rain shower gave us chance to watch the gargoyles doing their job while huddling under giant umbrellas. Felting was good fun and our results were amazing - well done everyone


WW Ourdoor DayVisitor praise from very satisfied guests. Thanks, Stacey, for your wonderful comments! We look forward to seeing you, Jake and Jemma again soon.

"have just came back from an amazing den making day at the Mansion with Chris and the other guides. Thanks to all involved for a really great day full of fun, laughs and really interesting information. My children Jake (12) and Jemma (10) have said the day was epic and Awesome. We are definitely coming back for more fun Wednesdays. – Stacey"

Chris Taylor writes: 
Today we were busy outdoors! The morning was given over to den building.The first task for children from 4 to 12 was to trek up to the wood at the rear of the mansion to identify suitable dead and fallen branches to be used on the den.There was considerable scrambling up the steep slopes but all returned with branches big and small. Parents and grandparents were enlisted to help carry! Back in the Mansion grounds all assisted in selecting, fastening and securing the framework. Everyone was excited while foraging for branches and twigs to cover the sides, and the session finished with a group photo.

designWe split into two groups to lay a trail of twigs in two different directions, designed so that the groups could swap over and follow the trail to locate the hidden toy dinosaurs. There was much competition to find the clues and make the final discovery. The final activity involved foraging for natural materials to use in a floor design arrangement. The children produced artistic abstract designs and others clearly representing animals such as a lovely lion's head and the wonderful "Dave the chicken!" 

All enjoyed an active and exciting day in pleasant sunshine and lovely surroundings.


gargoyles daygargoyles dayWhat a lovely bunch of people today! The two teams did really well on the gargoyles spotting competition and even the volunteers found some they hadn't noticed before. One was a CHEAGLE ! Obviously a cross between a chicken and an eagle !

We then made our own life-size gargoyle with bubble wrap, lots of tape and modroc. When we tried it out later when it had hardened. It did its job of water spout perfectly, as you can see in the photos. After a well-earned picnic and play on the 'hill' we got down to making our own creatures with clay - crocodiles, owls, a donkey and a turtle .They looked brilliant hiding in the grass! 

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