Embroiderers' Guild posterLandscapes and Gardens

Woodchester Mansion - 22 March - 30 October 2016

Landscapes and gardens have long provided inspiration to artists of all types. Throughout 2016, the Embroiderers’ Guild will be displaying textile art at venues across the country, including Woodchester Mansion from April to October 2016.

Interest in artistic textiles and embroidery is growing all the time. Using landscapes and gardens, members of the Guild will interpret these in textiles and stitch to be displayed together as an exhibition. Textiles is an art form unlike any other – like traditional art it uses colour and form as a base, but an entirely new layer of design comes into play when stitches are added. As the thread travels across the surface, stitches create paths which can direct the viewer’s eye, create a focal point, draw or deflect attention from a particular element, and create a texture that is at once visual and physical. By using techniques as diverse as mixed media, felting, machine and hand stitching (to name a few), the artists will produce unique and high quality pieces of textile art.

Landscape and Gardens can be seen at Woodchester Mansion from 11.00am to 5.00pm during open days. Please note that the last admission to the Mansion 4.00pm.Please note, also, that the Mansion may be closed to the public when there is a private function. Please check the web site to ensure that the Mansion will be open on the day that you wish to visit.

At present (22 February) the Mansion will be closed on Saturdays 23 July, 30 July, 13 August and 15 October.