Art Exhibition at Woodchester Mansion

Changing Light

20-30 August and 1 September 2013

Artists Julie Smith and Lorraine Green present an exhibition based on their response to Woodchester Mansion. They write:

‘On each visit we have found and felt that the house reveals a different personality and experience. This has compelled us to visually respond’

Drawn to Woodchester Mansion by its distinctive characteristics and beauty, Lorraine and Julie knew it would provide a wide diversity of subject matter that appealed to their art practices. For the last year they have spent time getting to know the house through observations and recordings, particularly focusing on the continual changes of atmosphere and physicality of the building. This has given them a wealth of information and material to work with that will contribute to an exhibition in the Plans Office of the Mansion.

Julie SmithLorraine Green is an artist whose practice includes an eclectic mixture of sources that shows duality of purpose. Drawing, painting and making are methods that are consistent within the body of work she produces. Layering is integral, used to build up, to encapsulate or conceal the subject matter.

Originally trained as a Graphic Designer Lorraine worked in the print and design industry. Recently she obtained a degree in Drawing for Fine Art Practice from Swindon College and has just completed an MA: Fine Art Drawing. Combining her Fine Art practice with commercially-orientated work Lorraine  also runs watercolour painting classes, teaching groups or on a private one-to-one basis.

Lorraine GreenJulie Smith is inspired by the act of collecting; both physical gathering and the accumulation of thoughts. This is reflected in the materials she chooses. Through her work she seeks to provoke a balance between a contemplative experience and a sense of fun. Key threads explored within her practice include fragility, protection and preservation.

Julie has a degree in Fine Art from Cardiff Institute, as well as an MA: Fine Art Drawing from Wimbledon. She pursues her art practice alongside teaching on the BA, MA and Foundation/Access programmes at Swindon College School of Art. In addition to this she teaches workshops with the idea of expanding creativity of the individual.

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