Rocky Horror Experience at Woodchester Mansion

guests arriving at Dr Furter's HouseThe Mansion hosted the Rocky Horror Experience on Thursday-Saturday 12-14 May 2011 when guests were treated to a 4-course meal at the home of Dr Francis Nelson Furter.

For each of the three nights, 50 guests were taken to the Mansion for what was described in the publicity as ‘dinner and the experience of a lifetime’. And so it proved!

Audience participation was encouraged with the suggestion that guests wear Transylvanian costumes and flat shoes! And all joined in the fun of the evening with a wide variety of costumes and attire in evidence. Indeed, a casual observer of the coach crossing Selsley common on its way from Stroud to the Mansion may well have wondered what they were missing.

For most of the previous week the Mansion buzzed with activity while the Mansion was transformed into Dr Furter’s house. A ‘fireman’s pole’ from the first floor gallery into the Entrance Hall was installed and the drawing room was transformed into a dining room suitable for the evening.

on stageThe event was staged on by a Stroud-based company, Almost Legal Productions, who are in it for the love of the theatre. They found the Mansion an ideal environment for the show and are looking forward to returning next year. Their next production is yet to be determined - but someone let slip that The Wickerman is in their sights!

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