Visiting Woodchester Mansion

When visiting Woodchester Mansion, please park in the National Trust car park.

Woodchester Mansion is about two-thirds of a mile from the car park. You can either walk (turn right at the foot of the steps from the NT car park - a 10-15 minute walk) down a gently sloping track through woodland and pasture in Woodchester Park or use the Mansion minibus.

On open days the Mansion minibus runs hourly, picking up passengers from the foot of the steps from the NT car park.

The minibus leaves the foot of the NT steps at:

  • 11.00 am
  • 12 noon
  • 1.00 pm
  • 2.00 pm
  • 3.00 pm
  • 4.00 pm 

and leaves the Mansion hourly at 11.45 am. 12.45 pm, 1.45 pm, 2.45 pm, 3.45 pm, 4.45 pm to take you to the car park.

There will be guided tours at 11.45 am and 2.30 pm and we will offer additional tours if we have sufficient tour guides available.

The Servants' Hall will be open for tea, coffee and cakes until 4.00 pm and will close at 4.30 pm.

Please note that Woodchster Mansion is not a National Trust property and, therefore, there will be an admission charge.

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