Woodchester Wednesdays 2010

Watch out for details of the Halloween Woodchester Wednesday in half term - Lots of scary activities and things to make

What happened in 2010?


An intrepid group of bug hunters made some interesting discoveries at the first Identiying bugsWoodchester Wednesday Activity Day. Nooks and crannies of the mansion were searched with torches and outside the undergrowth was combed for interesting finds. A spectacular orange and black-banded burying beetle was found and we were interested to discover from the Observer Book of Insects how it digs away the ground under dead birds and animals to bury them as a food store for its larvae. Two, four and twelve spot brown and cream ladybirds turned up. A large number of hawk moth wings were found in the mansion, left over after the bats had munched the bodies for their supper. We made some great Bugs-on-a-Stick- shimmery dragonflies and colourful ladybirds and later a number of interesting new creatures emerged from a large pile of scrap materials. Well done everyone - an enjoyable day for all involved. see more pictures

11 August: GARGOYLES

A brand new gargoyle was created this week at the second Woody Wednesday Activity day, by a large group of willing apprentices!

Gary the GargoyleWe searched the Mansion to find obvious and less obvious gargoyles and came up with a surprising total number - 33 - including some that one or two volunteers had never seen before. We were all amazed by the number of different creatures depicted by the masons and also puzzled by one or two which seemed to be a curious mixture.

Some great clay creations were made and then we set to work on the life size model. Bubble wrap, paper,glue and lots of messy paint were put to good use surrounding a drainpipe core to create Gary the Gargoyle. When we tried it out with water we were glad to find it worked just as well as the real ones.

We were pleased to welcome visitors from far away this week including some from W Sussex and South Carolina. Heath and Cooper from the US were fascinated by the Mansion and had lots of questions for us to answer. see more pictures


Model of the MansionAfter exploring the mansion both inside and out, we created some lovely pictures and models today.

As usual there was lots of interest in the gargoyles and the bats and they were both chosen as subjects for our art work.

Mums and Dads worked hard with their children on the mansion models as they were quite tricky but all came out well and looked (nearly) like the real thing. The girls made some colourful pastel pictures and William and Henry learnt how to draw bats with the correct wing structure.

As usual everyone had fun and took something home that they had made! see more pictures


Victorian schoolThe final August Woodchester Wednesday of 2010 dawned with torrential rain!

Some brave Victorians turned up undaunted and had a great time choosing costumes, making flags, models and peg dolls. The nooks and crannies of the mansion were explored and we all tried to imagine what it would have been like to live and work there had the Mansion been completed. It was soon time for a lesson in the Victorian school with the teacher Mr Mortlock. Everyone was very well behaved and did some beautiful copperplate writing, although one naughty girl was sent home with a note for her mother about her bad behaviour!  see more pictures


Watch out for details of the Halloween Woodchester Wednesday in half term - Lots of scary activities and things to make

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