Woodchester  Workshops

Painting  Day  -  5 May 2012  -  10.30am to 4.30pm

The tutor for today will be Marion Mitchell, a well known local artist and potter. Marion creates colourful landscapes in acrylic, painted on reclaimed wooden boards. She uses a scraffito technique which produces vivid, graphic pictures

10.30              Introduction.  Discuss the local landscape, building and possible  subjects.  

10.40              Demonstration and short talk about how to approach the subject and use the materials.

11.00-1.00       Select equipment and choose area you want to paint. Marion will be on hand to help with sketching, putting on colour etc.

1.00-2.00         Lunch - tour of mansion

2.00-4.00         Students can either continue with original painting or select another board and viewpoint.

4.00                Tea  -  Review and discussion about how the students have enjoyed the day

Course members will need to bring the following equipment:-

  • acrylic paints and palette
  • a selection of brushes
  • water container/pot
  • folding stool (optional)
  • cloth for wiping brushes
  • pencil
  • rubber
  • palette knife

The tutor will supply the following at no further cost:-

  • wooden boards ready primed
  • cling film for covering palettes during lunch