Paranormal Events

Paranormal Events


An 'orb' in the ground floor corridor

The house like no other can offer the psychically inclined a spine chilling experience. Woodchester Mansion is said to be rich in spiritual manifestations, and can be awe-inspiring for believers of a nervous disposition.

Ghosts abound in and around the Mansion, and, for those able and lucky enough to see them, include

A young girl

A young woman

A short man, maybe a stonemason

A man attempting to hide

A man searching for someone

An American airman

A floating head

A horseman on the drive

People hear a girl singing an Irish air, 1940s music, and smell recently extinguished candles in the chapel. Other noises include loud bangs, and footsteps, though no-one is visible. Small stones drop from above, some reputedly travelling fast and horizontally. Strange lights, still and moving, are seen, but never recorded on camera.

There are a wealth of phenomena for the interested and initiated to explore.

The general public who wish to investigate this facet of the Mansion are advised to book with one of the many companies who offer paranormal experiences at Woodchester. An internet search will reveal a range on offer, with different dates, group sizes and prices.

If you are an organisation wishing to arrange a paranormal investigation, please contact

While the Mansion is reportedly rich in spirits, they are elusive when the cameras come out. This rare image of a ghostly figure, perched on the ledge to the top right of the picture above, was taken in broad daylight and supplied by visitor Ms Glassonbury. Thank you!

Photo at top of page - many visitors are lucky enough to see orbs on their pictures. Those with an interest in the paranormal explain them as balls of psychic energy, the first stages of spirit manifestation. To some they symbolise departed loved ones. The photo shows an orb high up against the vaulted ceiling on the ground floor corridor of the Mansion, and was taken by the Mansion webmaster. (There is also a scientific explanation for orbs.)