We are a small charity caring for a big and wonderful Mansion with a huge conservation bill.

To restore Woodchester Mansion to its condition when William Leigh died in 1873 we need about £5m.

Like everyone else, we found 2020 a very difficult year. We were just ready to open to the public for the summer season when covid struck with the lockdown in March 2020.  We are normally open from April to October, and about 90% of our income comes in those seven months.

We were not able to open until August, and then with restricted visitor numbers. With a small income from visitors, very little from events, and some support in grants from the Heritage Emergency Fund and the Culture Recovery Fund, we made it through to 2021.

Since 1st April this year we have had no grant support. Like all historic houses, our public opening was been delayed well into May, despite similar organisations like libraries being able to open. We had hoped to be back to normal after 21st June, but again full opening is delayed. By the time it is possible half our summer season will have gone.

So all donations, large and small, are very welcome to help us keep our conservation plans for the Mansion on track.

We now have an online donation option with Golden Giving. 

Please click here to make a one-off donation.

Please click here to make a regular donation.

Alternatively, please contact the office.

Tel: 01453 861 541


We look forward to welcoming you at the Mansion in 2021. Please visit us.

2021 Open Day Season

We are now open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 11am-5pm.

For details - and how to reach the Mansion - please see Visiting Us page.