We are a small charity caring for a big and wonderful Mansion with a huge conservation bill.

To restore Woodchester Mansion to its condition when William Leigh died in 1873 we need about £5m.

We open to the public from April to October….  about 90% of our income comes in those seven months.

But 40% of our expenditure takes place in the closed season from November to the end of March. Staff salaries continue, routine maintenance takes place, and improvements happen. From mid-February we start stocking up for the Open Days – leaflets, guide books, shop goods – and suppliers have to be paid.

So we look forward to the income visitors bring when we open in April.

THE CLOSURE DUE TO CORONAVIRUS couldn’t have come at a worse time of year. Our budget sets aside money to tide us over the winter, and we have an emergency fund. But we need as much help as possible to keep our plans on track.

We now have an online donation option with Golden Giving. 

Please click here to make a one-off donation.

Please click here to make a regular donation.

Alternatively, please contact the office.

Tel: 01453 861 541


We look forward to welcoming you at the Mansion when we re-open in 2021. Please visit us.