Grant Awards in 2023

The Charles Skey Charitable Trust supports a wide range of charitable causes across the community. We are delighted, and very grateful, to have been awarded a grant of £22,500 for improvements at the entrance to the Mansion.

Many visitors will have noticed that the entrance door threshold is very uneven and difficult to walk on, especially for older and disabled visitors. The grant will enable this to be levelled, thus improving access especially for disabled visitors and creating more space in the entrance hall.

As the Mansion is unfinished the hall door was never installed. The current door is temporary and the grant will enable us to replace it with a larger one reflecting the building’s status and the original architect’s intention. We are fortunate in having some of the original drawings for the entrance porch, which was constructed but later demolished.

We also plan to extend and improve the existing visitor shop in the entrance hall and install new shop fittings.

The grant from the Charles Skey Trust will be augmented by a £1000 grant from the Movement for Good arranged by the Benefact Group. Where possible volunteers from our in-house maintenance group and craft students will be assisting with the improvements.The work will be carried out over the coming winter ready for the 2024 season.

Benjamin Bucknall’s original design for the entrance porch.

A proposal for the new front door from our consulting architects, Donald Insall Ltd.

2024 Open Day Season

We are open 11am - 5pm every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from Friday 29th March to Sunday 3rd November.

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