Gift Shop



There is a small gift shop at the Mansion, open to all visitors to the house, tearoom and Woodchester Park. The copies of the Green Men roof bosses in the chapel (image above) are quality fine stone bonded with resin and made by History Craft Ltd. The originals for the moulds were hand carved by Martin and Oliver Webb.

We stock a small range of not too expensive children's toys. The bat finger puppets are normally in stock and provide a reminder of the fascinating creatures in our attics. They are very popular with visitors of all ages - from children spending their pocket money to grandparents buying for grandchildren. They make great Xmas stocking fillers too! We also have toys like kites suitable for play outdoors in Woodchester Park.

The focus with books is clearly on architecture and the Mansion. We stock an inexpensive well illustrated guidebook and also a lovely collection of photographs of the Mansion showing progress in conservation from 1987 to 2013. These were taken by former trustee and volunteer Margaret Lister.

For those who want more in-depth knowledge about the Mansion, there are twenty inexpensive leaflets on a diversity of subjects such as bats, bosses, building the Mansion and the brewery. We also have a range of books on nature, linking to the surrounding Woodchester Park, and some activity books for children. We also stock postcards based on original drawings of the Mansion by Benjamin Bucknall, and a range of greetings cards for all occasions.

For those wanting a souvenir of their visit we have a Green Man mug, made by local Hookshouse pottery, and a collection of resin bonded stone miniatures. These have been produced by our resident stonemasons, the young craftsmen from the Guild of St Stephen and St George. Many of them form the pieces for a chess set, available in two sizes, but can also be purchased individually as decorative items. They are based on the many animal carvings to be found in the Mansion. The Guild craftsmen have also produced miniature roof bosses, inspired by the floral carvings in the Mansion.

Some of our volunteers have craft skills, and have produced items for sale. We currently have marquetry plaques and a range of turned wooden bowls, made from local wood, including oak from the park felled by a storm.

The majority of the shop goods fall into the £5-£30 price bracket. We regret that due to our very limited staff numbers we cannot accept online or phone orders for items - you must visit to purchase.