Grants 2021

Grant Awards in 2021

Enovert Community Trust - New Toilets

We are fortunate to have been awarded a grant from the Enovert Community Trust towards the cost of new toilets. 

The grant will pay for a prefabricated toilet unit, consisting of three unisex cubicles with integral washbasins, and a further cubicle with facilities for disabled visitors.

The unit arrives.

The unit sits on concrete pads which have been prepared by our team of Monday maintenance volunteers. It arrived in February and was winched into place.

Connection of the plumbing and electrics has been paid for by the Woodchester Mansion Trust. We had a small sum of money in our Cultural Recovery Grant in 2020 for landscaping of the unit, so it fits into the Park better. This work has also been carried out by our maintenance volunteers. It involved some rebuilding of the adjacent shelter which hides our unsightly rubbish bins!

We are grateful to Enovert for their help with this unglamorous but absolutely essential cost.

The finished new toilets.


Ecclesiastical Insurance Movement for Good Award

We are delighted to have received a £1000 grant in the first phase of the 2021 Movement for Good awards. Thank you to the Movement for Good and everyone who nominated us. The grant will go towards conservation of the Mansion. We are now looking at participating in the second phase.

2021 Open Day Season

We are now open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 11am-5pm.

For details - and how to reach the Mansion - please see Visiting Us page.