Lucky Severn Lottery



The Lucky Severn Lottery is a weekly community lottery raising money for good causes in the Stroud area. Tickets cost £1 and the big prize is £25,000.

You can nominate the Woodchester Mansion Trust to receive 50p for every pound you spend with the lottery, and the Trust also receives a share of a further 10p in every pound which is allocated across all the charities taking part.

The Trustees see this local lottery as a useful way of boosting income, to meet the massive conservation costs. They very much hope that all visitors to the Mansion and supporters of the Trust will join in - the Mansion will definitely be a winner and you may be too!

In the inaugural draw on 20th March one of our supporters, lucky Mr S from Stonehouse, won a second prize (3 extra tickets). Congratulations! The Mansion Trust benefited by £30 and we met our target of selling 50 tickets. We hope this will continue, indeed we hope to do better in the future.

Since then Mr P from Stroud has also won extra tickets, as have one of our trustees and Mr B from Stroud and Mr G from Stonehouse!

On 1st May Ms G from Gloucester won 3 extra tickets, as did Mr W from Stroud. In fact Mr W may have won 6 extra tickets - or were two different Mr W's from Stroud lucky that day?

And in the draw on 15th May another of our trustees struck really lucky, matching 3 numbers and winning the top prize of £25!

Recently Mrs W from Stroud, a steadfast long term supporter of the WMT, won 3 free tickets.

3rd July - another 3 free tickets, once again won by a Mr W from Stroud. The W's supporting Woodchester seem to be the lucky ones!

Our hard-working supporter Mr C from London won a second prize of 3 free tickets on 19th July.

27th July - our luck continues - supporters Ms M (Gloucester) and Ms P (Stonehouse) both won 3 free tickets!

Tickets can be purchased online here. When you play, be sure to scroll down the page, find the WMT logo, and click to support us.


2021 Open Day Season

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