Lucky Severn Lottery

The Lucky Severn Lottery is a weekly community lottery raising money for good causes in the Stroud area. Tickets cost £1 and the big prize is £25,000.

You can nominate the Woodchester Mansion Trust to receive 50p for every pound you spend with the lottery, and the Trust also receives a share of a further 10p in every pound which is allocated across all the charities taking part.

The Trustees see this local lottery as a useful way of boosting income, to meet the massive conservation costs. They very much hope that all visitors to the Mansion and supporters of the Trust will join in – the Mansion will definitely be a winner and you may be too!

You can see from the list below that our supporters are rewarded – and the Mansion benefits too. If you’re a former volunteer, or a regular visitor to Woodchester Park, please consider buying tickets. Click here! Thank-you.

There’s a chance to win a THEATRE TRIP worth £1500 in the draw on October 28th.

You can choose whatever performance you wish, or even take a £1500 cash prize as an alternative.

No extra tickets are required – but if course the more tickets you buy, the greater your chance of winning this amazing prize.

For full terms and conditions, please see:

Our Winners


In the inaugural draw on 20th March one of our supporters, lucky Mr S from Stonehouse, won a second prize (3 extra tickets). Congratulations! The Mansion Trust benefited by £30 and we met our target of selling 50 tickets. We hope this will continue, indeed we hope to do better in the future.

Since then Mr P from Stroud has also won extra tickets, as have one of our trustees and Mr B from Stroud and Mr G from Stonehouse!

On 1st May Ms G from Gloucester won 3 extra tickets, and Mr W from Stroud won two lots of three extra tickets!

And in the draw on 15th May another of our trustees struck really lucky, matching 3 numbers and winning the top prize of £25!

Recently Mrs W from Stroud, a steadfast long term supporter of the WMT, won 3 free tickets.

3rd July – another 3 free tickets, once again won by a Mr W from Stroud. The W’s supporting Woodchester seem to be the lucky ones!

Our hard-working supporter Mr C from London won a second prize of 3 free tickets on 19th July.

27th July – our luck continues – supporters Ms M (Gloucester) and Ms P (Stonehouse) both won 3 free tickets!

Ms B from Stroud does loads of work for us and was rewarded with three free tickets in the draw on 7th August. In total we had 48 tickets in the draw this week and raised £28.80 for the Mansion.

4th Sept – two of our volunteers, both Ms G’s, struck lucky this week with 3 free tickets each!

18th Sept – Mr W from Stroud won 3 free tickets for the fourth time.

25th Sept and 2nd Oct – Mr M from Stroud – lucky 2 weeks running with a total of 6 extra tickets!

16th Oct – another Mr W, this time from Cambridge (Cambridgeshire, not Gloucestershire) won 3 free tickets.

23rd Oct – the 3 free tickets went to Ms D from Wotton-under-Edge, a volunteer for 20 years.

30th Oct – Ms G from Gloucester won three free tickets…

6th Nov …and she won three more this week, as did Ms G from Stroud!

29th Nov – this week’s winner is former volunteer Mr A from Stroud.

4th Dec – Mr G won 3 free tickets! He’s one of our longest-serving volunteers, he’s been helping us for about 30 years. Thank-you Mr G! Two other winners this week – Mr L and lucky volunteer Ms P, who’s won before and this time had six free tickets. A good week for Woodchester supporters.

11th Dec – another 3 free tickets for Mr G! And Ms G from Stroud was even luckier, winning a £25 second prize. The Mansion was lucky too, as Ms G has donated her prize to the WMT. Thank you Ms G – we very much appreciate your kind gesture.

18th Dec – supporter and volunteer Ms C from Berkeley won 3 free tickets.



1st Jan – Mr W from Stroud volunteered with us for many, many years and made a big contribution to the Mansion in that time. He’s continued to support us by buying tickets so we’re very pleased that he won three more in the first draw of the year. Well done and thank-you Mr W!

22nd Jan – supporters Mr G and Mr P, both from Stroud, were lucky with 3 extra tickets this week.

5th Feb – Mr G won again, this time a £25 prize which he has kindly donated to the Mansion. Thank you! Our volunteer Ms P also won £25, and long serving volunteer Mr G had 3 free tickets.

12th Mar – a good week for our supporters. Mr W of Stroud, who’s given a huge amount of time and support to the Mansion over the years, won £25! Thank you. Mr G of Bristol has also supported us for a long, long time, he’s been volunteering with us since the early 1990s, and has won three free tickets (again). Ms G of Gloucester, another wonderful volunteer, has also won three free tickets – for we think the fifth time!

19th Mar – two of our trustees and one of our office staff all won three free tickets this weekend – a reward for lots of hard work.

2nd April – Mr G from Stroud and our trustee Mr C both won 3 free tickets.

7th May – Mr C was even luckier with a £25 prize which he donated to us. Thank you. Long-standing supporter Mr W from Stroud won 3 free tickets – for the seventh time.

21st May – trustee Mr M of Stroud received a £25 prize, which he kindly donated to us.

28th May – trustee Ms D won £25, also donated. Thank you!

4th June – our trustees are still on a winning streak – Mr G had 3 free tickets this week.

18th June – 3 more free tickets for Mr W of Stroud – again! Seventh time!

9th July – And again – Mr W of Stroud was lucky and won three free tickets for the eighth time. Ms G of Gloucester is the runner-up in the supporter-with-most-prizes stakes with a sixth win of 3 free tickets.

16th July – this week our wonderful employee Ms B, who holds the Mansion office together, deservedly won three free tickets.

23rd July – stalwart volunteer Ms P from Stonehouse won 3 extra tickets this week.

30th July – another £25 win for Mr W of Stroud!

8th August – we had 3 winners of extra tickets this week – one of our trustees and two volunteers.

20th August – trustee Mr G from Stroud was lucky with 3 free tickets.

1st October – Mr W of Stroud – ninth time! – 3 free tickets.

8th Oct – Our lovely hard-working member of staff Mrs B deservedly won 3 free tickets. Ms C used to volunteer with us, was a great volunteer, we miss her, she had 3 free tickets too.

15th Oct – 3 free tickets for loyal supporter Mr G.

22nd Oct – trustee Mr T won 3 free tickets.

November was a fallow month. Sadly, no winners at all.

24th Dec – 3 free tickets for Mr G from Stonehouse and Mr G from Stroud.

31st Dec – volunteer Mrs P won 3 free tickets.



7th Jan – Mr C from Cambridge was lucky with 3 free tickets.

14th Jan – Mr C from Cambridge won another 3 free tickets.

4th Feb – Mr C from Cambridge won again – another 3 free tickets! As did Mr T from Stroud. Trustee Ms D won £25! A good week for us.

11th Feb – Mr W – 3 more free tickets. We’ve lost count of the number of times he’s won.

4th Mar – 3 free tickets for our hard-working administrator Mrs B.

11th Mar – longstanding volunteer Mrs G won 3 free tickets

25th Mar – another volunteer, Mrs F, had 3 free tickets

8th Apr – 3 free tickets were won by Mr CG, and also by trustee and retired architect Mr DB

15th Apr – the other retired architect trustee, Mr JG, had 3 free tickets too.

6th May – another trustee, Mr DG, and our great supporter Mr CG, both won 3 free tickets.

13th May – 3 free tickets for Mr W (again) and Ms H

3rd June – trustee Mr DG had 3 more free tickets, but never seems to win a bigger prize!

17th June – 3 more free tickets for Mr W and Mrs B

24th June – WHOOPEE!! all Mrs B’s hard work for us has been rewarded – she won £250! Great news! Another staunch supporter, Mr CG, won £25 which he’s kindly donated to the Mansion. Thank you Mr CG. And both of these winners received 3 free tickets.

1st July – Mr W won 3 free tickets.

8th July – trustee Mr JG won 3 free tickets.

15th July – 3 free tickets for Mr CG and trustee Mr T.

22nd July – Mr W won 3 more free tickets – his sixteenth win!

29th July – 3 free tickets for long-time supporter and WMT member Ms H.

5th Aug – Mr W won again – 3 more free tickets

12th Aug – 3 free tickets for longstanding volunteer on open days and for Monday working parties, Mr CG, and volunteer Ms GH

2nd Sept – this weeks free tickets went to trustee Mr DG

16th Sept … and this week to trustee Mr C

23rd Sept – Supporter Mr C and volunteer Ms D won 3 free tickets, plus another win for Mr W

7th Oct – Mr W clocked up his eighteenth win

4th Nov – Staff member Ms B received 3 free tickets

11th Nov – Supported Mr C won 3 free tickets, along with long-standing volunteer Ms D

9th Dec – this week it was the turn of trustee Mr M



27th Jan – our first winner of 3 free tickets this year was volunteer Mr G, who’s been supporting the Mansion almost since the very beginning – certainly since the mid 1990s.

Tickets can be purchased online here. When you play, be sure to scroll down the page, find the WMT logo, and click to support us.


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