N Range Roof Repairs Finished

North Range and Ironing Room Roof and Chimney Repairs 2020-21


The sepia photograph above, from the Woodchester Mansion archive and dating from around 1900, shows Charles Hansom's north range with its array of chimney stacks and ventilators. Chimneys proliferated in an age when every room had a fireplace, and the north servants' wing of the Mansion included a large kitchen range and a copper in the laundry, plus another copper in the house brewery. Ventilation shafts were provided to clear damp, smelly air from the game larder, dairy and brewery.

The repaired roof and stonework can be seen here, in this image taken a few weeks before the scaffolding finally went. Photos before (2013) and after (2021) appear below. During previous conservation work some of the chimneys were temporarily capped in modern brick.

The poor state of the roof and chimneys on the courtyard side of the N range can be seen in the view below, taken from the SE in 2012.

Slipped tiles and vegetation growing from chimney 6 are visible in the picture above.

Completed chimneys 6, 7 and 8, seen looking N across the courtyard in August 2021.

Finally, the change in the ironing room roof. The gaping hole, covered with unsightly corrugated metal sheet, has now gone and the roof is watertight once more.


For details of how the work progressed, click here.


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