S Range Roof Repairs Finished

South Range Roof Repairs

January - June 2022


These photographs of the newly repaired south range roof were taken by the WMT's retained architects, Donald Insall Associates, in June 2022. The work was confined to the east end of the north side of the roof, but also included re-glazing a window in the first floor south corridor and repairs to stonework on one of the east buttresses. The photo above shows the east gable on the south front and the adjacent new roof. The gable is topped with a carved eagle, clutching a snake in its claws. Sadly, it is much in need of repair - one wing has cracked off.

These two photos show the repaired buttress and the newly-glazed corridor window.

Above - the roof looking east, with Benjamin Bucknall's distinctive chimney design, used on the south and west fronts of the Mansion.

The view above was taken looking south; the return on the right covers the spiral stair between first and second floors. The photo below is looking west.

Internally, the roof has been torched (the underside of the tiles is covered in lime mortar). This prevents the stone slates from lifting in high winds and ultimately working loose and falling off.